Ballistic OptionsAR550 Steel Targets Home

Ballistic OptionsAR550 Steel Targets Home

Most steel shooting targets on the market are constructed from steel with a Brinell Hardness of 500 (AR500). By increasing the hardness to 550 plus, our targets will hold up better than AR500, even when shot with many common rifle rounds. You can expect thousands of impacts with your Ballistic Options Targets.FAQ Ballistic OptionsAR550 Steel Targets HomeHarder steel will resist pocking better than softer steel and can handle a greater force. Targets made of AR500 steel are generally designed for handgun ammunitions and certain rifle rounds within a limited range of grain and muzzle velocity. Targets made of AR550 steel are designed for all handgun ammunition and non armor piercing rifle rounds.Concerns with cutting ar500 targets with plasmaFAQ Ballistic OptionsAR550 Steel Targets. Q How are your targets cut? A Ballistic Options uses plasma cutting to cut out our targets. There is a lot of discussion going around regarding what is the "best" method to cut steel. While plasma cutting does subject the steel to heat which can affect its

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